Damp & Condensation Control

Landlords and Letting Agents - Remember it is your responsibility under the DECENT HOME STANDARD to protect your tenants from the potential health problems Damp can and will cause if left untreated.

There are a large number of Damp related problems that can occur within a property such as a failed DPC (damp proof course) Rising Damp, penetrating damp & condensation all of which can be damaging and harmful to both property and person alike

We are able to determine what problem your property is suffering from and in turn create an appropriate repair and rectification program to ensure all damp issues are eradicated ensuring your property is a safe and healthy environment to live in.

What is Condensation?

  • The most common form of dampness in buildings
  • Warm air can contain more moisture than cold air
  • When moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, it condenses and the dew point is reached at which time moisture is deposited on cold surfaces.
  • Condensation is fairly recent phenomena due to buildings being sealed with insufficient ventilation due to modern Building Regulations and heating costs

Most Common...

Damp caused by Condensation (Black stop Mould) is the most common form of damp which can be very destructive to both property and in turn a persons health living within such an environment. But it can also be quickly eradicated without too much disruption to the home owner or the tenants through the use of a positive ventilation system and a staged mould cleaning program.

Damp Problems

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Building Problems Damp can course within a property...

If a property is suffering from damp then it needs to be addressed. If damp is left untreated it will only get worse and cause structural defects and ultimately it may result in a structural failure, by taking immediate & decisive action, future problems and costs can be avoided.

Health Problems Damp can course within a property...

If a property is damp, it can increase the risk of astma and respiratory problems. A study of over 10,000 people found that living in a damp home not only increased the risk of astma, but also left residents with a greater chance of repeated colds and skin allergies( Source, BBC nNews) 40% of people living in damp properties were found to need more antibiotics and are more likely to suffer from • Pneumonia • Bronchitis • Tonsillitis.